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Tokyo Solar Building Materials Corp was established in 2010. Devastating earth quake hit Eastern area in Japan in following year. We cannot forget this disaster which made tragic damage to especially Tohoku-region. Events after the disaster such as accident of nuclear power plant, insufficient supply of oil/gas due to the traffic disruption and planned power outage among cities made us rethink what energy means to us and learned the importance of energy.


Solar "Photovoltaic" energy is an exciting  technology which can generate power wherever you have sun light. Our members with long experience in solar industry decided to dedicate our skills to make renewable energy more accustomed to our ordinary life which brings renewable energy as one of an important and sustainable option to our daily energy. 

TSBM has supplied our Bifacial solar system as an effective solutions for snowing area of Japan where solar system usually undervalued due to the heavy snow. We are now working for new projects to supply an affordable off-grid system to South-East Asian countries where grid electricity is unstable. We continue to seek best solutions contributing to sustainable life.

Tokyo Sustainable Building Materials Cooperation
Address : 
3F Tama center Tosei Bldg., 1-15-2

Tama-city, Tokyo 206-0033 Japan
CEO: Yusuke Kaneko
Location: Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai

Group Company:Renova Solutions Co.,Ltd.